Extra Virgin Olive Oil SABOR DE ORO® by pedro yera Verde 250 ml

  • Box 12 units

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SABOR D’ORO® by Pedro Yera / VERDE

SABOR D’ORO® by pedro yera VERDE is an early extra virgin olive oil situated in the high range, collected in mid-October, and aimed to satisfy the different tastes of the gourmet public. ´SABOR D’ORO® by pedro yera VERDE´ has a strong character, with a pleasant bitter and spicy touch, characteristic of the area of Jan. We paid special attention to the presentation format, with a unique and attractive design of bottles.

Origin and description

  • Location: natural Environment La Laguna Grande inside La Comarca de la Loma, at the side of the river Guadalquivir, Jaén.
  • Olive type: 100% Picual from centenary olive trees.
  • Color: emerald Green.
  • Quality: Extra Virgin.
  • Acidity: <0,16
  • Harvesting method: mechanical and electric picker, in an almost manually and artisan process.
  • Storage: stainless steel with nitrogen.
  • Suggestions of storage: Keep in a fresh place, protected from light and heat.

Tasting note

Our extra virgin olive oil SABOR D’ORO® by pedro yera VERDE, has an intense aroma of green olive, tomato and fresh grass. The green notes that appears in the nose will materialize in the mouth, this time with a slight touch of artichoke. It is showing a very stable bitter and spicy, with the personality characteristic of the early oils of Jaen. Its spicyness is velvety, beginning soft and progressive in the throat up to reach a very pleasant and persistent maximum, also the bitterness comes together making this oil a very structured one.

Food consumption suggestions

In order to fully enjoy the extra virgin olive oil SABOR D’ORO® by pedro yera VERDE, we recommend use cold or low temperature and to combine it mainly with red meat, oily fish, Iberian, cured and semi-cured cheeses, green or tomato salads, cold soups, vinaigrettes, finishing touches on hot dishes such as roast meats.

Recommended receipts

  • ‘Cocochas’ with trout eggs
  • Citrus vinaigrette
  • Orly scallops with sweet and sour sauce
  • Peas Cream
  • Curry of vegetables with yogurt sauce


This product is available in 100ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. There are also gift boxes in the format of 500 ml. The annual availability is 10.000 liters.  

Cultivation method

The extra virgin olive oils SABOR D'ORO® are obtained from an early collection in our own centenary olive trees, situated in a natural environment inside the county of Jaen (Spain). The cultivation of our olive trees is made respecting the environment, and granting the quality through Integrated Production methods and the cold extraction, which allow us to own the Certified Quality Label of Andalucia.